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I'm Andrea. I'm 22, I live in North Carolina with my husband, Matt, and our 2 kittens, Firefly & Serenity. I graduated in May 2007 and I'm still in the process of 1) deciding what I want to do with my life exactly (I guess I should have figured that out before college, huh?), 2) finding a job (preferably part-time), and 3) learning to be content with not accomplishing 1 & 2. My New Year's resolution is to be happy. It was Matt's suggestion & so far I have stuck to it. I have a degree in Geography with a minor in English. I love looking at maps and making maps (ArcGIS). Halfway through my university career I discovered that I do not love sitting in an office 40 hours a week (thanks to an internship). I decided to minor in English at that point hoping to go into editing or writing. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to double major, but I took almost as many English courses as Geography courses. I love reading and writing. I had always enjoyed both, but even after being forced to write more essays than I can begin to count for classes, I still love it. If it was possible I would still be in school writing essays!

This is my first blog! My mom introduced me to the book blog world. Somehow she found someone's blog which led her to another and another. She kept telling me about how fun it was and how many recommendations she discovered by reading people's blogs but I didn't really believe her until today when I went looking for myself. I'm hooked, and now I want to try to keep up with everyone else on here! Be patient because I'm still learning how things work. I'm always open to advice, so feel free to give it to me.

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Framed said...

Welcome to Blogworld and thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you find the perfect job.

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