Adventures while reading Ahab's Wife

I woke up this morning and instead of working out like I normally do, I decided to have a relaxing start to the day by eating cereal and reading Ahab's Wife on the couch. However, I quickly discovered there were to be consequences for my laziness. I had my book and cereal on a TV tray when my cat Firefly jumped up and stood over my book. I saw that she was preparing to jump over to the small, glass topped table in front of the window, so I didn't shove her off the tray like I typically do when she comes into close contact with my milk soaked cereal. I waited patiently for her to jump, she had to do a lot of wiggling and shuffling to prepare. Finally, she took off and soared towards the table a few feet away as the book was shoved by her back feet and crashed into my cereal bowl which, in turn, soared towards my lap. All I could do was sit and gasp in shock as I was drenched in cold milk and cereal, along with the library's copy of Ahab's Wife, my couch cushion, the floor, and various objects on the floor such as a magazine, the cats' toy mouse, and my very cool Japanese woman in kimono bookmark my mom gave me for Christmas. After gasping and moaning for several seconds I quickly jumped into action after peeling off my pajama pants that were completely soaked. I'm proud to say that the first thing I did was rescue the book, which escaped major drenching and will survive with some wrinkles on a couple of the pages. I also salvaged the bookmark and hopefully saved my couch and carpet from permanent stains. The magazine and toy mouse were thrown away and all of my clothes tossed in the laundry. So much for my relaxing morning, tomorrow I will be more motivated to exercise!

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