It's taking me forever!

I'm reading Shantaram, which is close to 950 pages long!! There's a cat on my lap, otherwise I would go into the other room and check to see exactly how many pages there are. Heaven forbid I move Serenity from her comfortable position (funny how her comfortable position is usually my uncomfortable position). Anyway, the reading was going really well until around page 650 or so, when the story changes drastically. The main character, Lin, goes to Afghanistan to fight in the war against the Russians. He leaves Bombay, where most of the book takes place. It's such a large change and I'm not really sure how necessary it is for the plot. It threw me off and I've been bogged down ever since then. I'm on page 785 now and I'll admit, I'm kind of ready for the end. I just hope it all ties together in the end instead of remaining disjointed like I feel it is now.

Some interesting things I found out about Shantaram: This is Gregory David Robert's website. He is an amazing man. I haven't been through the whole site, but the book is based off of his own life. After reading the main webpage, it seems like he is a busy man who is doing a lot with his life.

They are also making a movie that Johnny Depp with be playing in!

When I finish the book I will review it, but who knows when that will be! I'm going to be hanging out with my family tomorrow, so maybe on Monday.

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