The Truth-Teller's Tale

The Truth-Teller's Tale
by: Sharon Shinn

Challenges: YA Challenge, TBR Challenge

Published: 2007

# of pages: 304

Loved this book! It was more romantic than I expected a young adult book to be, but it was such a refreshing romance. I admit that I wasn't pulled into the story right away, I was actually a little put off by the characters and the way the story was being told, but soon I was very into the story and I really enjoyed the characters of Eleda and Gregory.

Eleda and Adele are twin sisters who find out that they are special in the world they live in. Eleda is a truth-teller, meaning she can't tell a lie or hide anything. Adele is a safe-keeper, meaning she can't tell secrets and keeps things to herself. Although the girls are opposites in many ways, they are very close to each other. The summer they are 17 a dancing master and his apprentice come to stay at the inn Eleda and Adele's parents own. They brings secrets with them and the girls must deal with these as well as the problem of their best friend, Roelynn, being forced to marry against her will.

Although the story is told in a way that is almost too young adult at times, I loved the romance and the world Shinn created. The story has a very interesting twist and it was neat to see how things come together. I recommend this to young adults and adults alike, especially if you enjoy a good, clean romance or a creative fairytale-like fantasy. There's a prequel to this book called The Safe-Keeper's Secret that I'm going to get around to reading one of these days, but The Truth-Teller's Tale is a standalone novel and it isn't necessary to continue reading or read the other book first.


Nymeth said...

Hi Andrea, it's great to see you posting again! This sounds like such a lovely book. And wow, what a gorgeous cover.

Andrea said...

Thanks! It's good to be back to the Blogger world. Now I just have to "catch up" on blogs. Not that I could ever read everything since February, but I'm starting to make the rounds on a regular basis again. :-)

Susan said...

I read both books and really enjoyed them both. I wish I could review like you do, you encapsulate what the book is about so easily without giving anything away!

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