by: Shannon Hale

Challenges: TBR Challenge

Published: 2007

# of pages: 208

A very fun book! The main character, Jane, can't find a man that begins to compare to Mr. Darcy. More specifically, Mr. Darcy as played by Colin Firth in the BBC movie production. She's ready to give up on men when she's given a surprise change to visit what she calls Austenland, an estate in England that reenacts Austen novels. It's filled with actors and the customers must also dress, speak, and act as if they are really living in an Austen novel. It's a chance to see what P&P love is like in "real life."

The only thing I didn't like about this book was that I felt so awkward for Jane as she's acting in the pretend life. I could never do something like that, I'd feel so stupid. So I was reading and imagining how I would feel and act in her situation and just couldn't fathom it. However, other than that, I enjoyed it and I don't think everyone would feel the same. I admire Jane and how she has standards and sticks with them. I think it was a great concept that she continues to have standards, but also realizes that she doesn't need a man (Mr. Darcy) to make her happy or complete.

I recommend this novel to adults who enjoy a good romance, are Austen fans, or like an easy, quick read.

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Ladybug said...

That sounds like a book I might enjoy! Thanks for the review :-)

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