My brother built me this beautiful bookshelf!




I only have my adult books on this shelf. I organized them alphabetically by author. I have a feeling I may still be missing a box of books somewhere in the mess from our move, but this might be it. I'm still working on unpacking and organizing my young adult and children's book on my other bookshelf.

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Iliana said...

What a nice brother! The shelf is beautiful. Have fun organizing the rest of your books!

Nymeth said...

What a nice shelf. And your books look so neat and organized. My bookshelves tend to look like that for the first few months or so, but then I star piling books up horizontally or in second rows, and I eventually realize it's time for a new shelf :P

Andrea said...

Iliana, thanks! I still haven't gotten around to organizing the rest of the books, but one of these days I will get there.

Nymeth, I love having an organized shelf. I hope it stays that way. My last bookshelf was overflowing with books. I had them stacked on top of each other and spread out over the top of the shelf. When my brother saw it he decided to build me a bigger bookcase! This should hold all of the books....for now ;-)

Susan said...

I love your book shelf! I think your brother should go into business and build bookshelves, I'm sure he could make a living at it. At the very least, all the book bloggers would keep him busy for several years :-)
you also have them nicely organized, which mine look like at first, then slowly, like with Nymeth, piles take over and soon enough, I need another one, and another one.....I hope you enjoy having new shelves - and filling them! lol

Andrea said...

I know! I always think he should go into business too, but for some reason he wants to be an engineer and get paid lots of money ;-)

I already want him to build matching shelves, but he "custom designed" the stain he used on these. There's no way he can make stain the same shade because he was mixing and matching stains and even put some car paint in it! It turned out such a beautiful color, too bad he didn't remember the exact mixture.

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