Magic Study

Magic Study by: Maria V. Snyder

Series: Study Series - Book 2

Published: 2006

# of pages: 392

This is the second book in Synder's Study series. This is also my second time reading this book. I loved the first book, Poison Study, the first time I read it. It was one of my favorite books I read that year! The second time I read that I didn't like it quite as much, but it was still original and enjoyable. The first time I read Magic Study I didn't like it as much. I didn't like the setting as much and I didn't like Yelena's study of magic as much as her poison studies! However, the second time I read this book I enjoyed it more. I suppose that knowing what to expect helped out this time around.

Yelena is still learning in the second book of the series. She goes from studying poisons in Ixia to studying magic in Sitia. Everything is new for her, just like in the first book. However, now things are even more confusing because of the new surroundings and customs of Sitia. Yelena definitely has strong magical abilities and now she just has to learn to control them. And of course there's bad guys! Yelena is caught up in another evil plot and tries to help save the day. Will she?

This book is also quite original as far as fantasy series go. Unexpected plot twists kept me interested and there are new interesting characters to spice things up and keep the series from getting repetitive. Like I already said, I didn't quite enjoy the magic as much, but if you enjoy reading stories with magic I think you will enjoy this. Snyder once again has an entire history of the magic world and all of the "rules" that go along with magic.

I'm already thinking about reading the third book again, even though I just read it a couple of months ago! But now that I can remember everything that happened in the first two, I think I would like to re-read the third to get the appropriate "flow" of the entire story. I recommend this to lovers of fantasy, magic, adults, and teenagers. There are some "intimate" moments and some mild bad language use, but I wouldn't call it inappropriate for adults or mature teens.

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Susan said...

Sounds really interesting. There is so much YA fiction now to read, it's hard to keep up, but your reviews (and Becky's from Becky's Reviews) are helping me to see there is a lot that is good in this area! Thanks for recommending these, they are on my list now!

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