Dystopia Challenge 2013

About: The Dystopia Challenge is all about, well, dystopia. Read books set in dystopian settings, with totalitarian governments, or something more close-knit. The Dystopia Challenge includes Post-Apocalyptic themes as well.

Level: Contagion (15 books)

1.  Painting by Numbers  by: Jasper Fforde
2.  Scarlet  by: Marissa Meyer
3.  The Kill Order  by: James Dashner
4.  Ready Player One  by: Ernest Cline
5.  Breathe  by: Sarah Crossan
7.  The Stand  by: Stephen King
8.  The Road  by: Cormac McCarthy
9.  The Postman  by: David Brin

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Susan said...

You have some good books on your list, Andrea. The Stand is so very good. I want to read Ready Player One, perhaps later this year - I have enough to read with the challenges for this month! lol

I'm curious what you will think of Scarlet, and the Jasper Fforde - I've read most of the Thursday Next series, and enjoyed most of them..

Good luck this is a fun challenge, and I am so glad you told me about it!

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