Ender's Game

Ender's Game
by: Orson Scott Card

Series: Ender's Game Series, Book 1

Challenges: First in a Series

Published: 1977

# of pages: 324

Quote: "'Why is it called Dr. Device?'
'When it was developed, it was called a Molecular Detachment Device. M.D. Device.'
Ender still didn't understand.
'M.D. The initials stand for Medical Doctor, too. M.D. Device, therefore Dr. Device. It was a joke.' Ender didn't see what was funny about it." -Ender & Graff pg. 273

I read this years ago when I was in jr high or high school. Yeah, I've been re-reading books lately. I was disappointed the second time I read Sunshine, but thankfully I wasn't disappointed when I read Ender's Game again!

The book tells the story of a young boy named Ender, who is the last of 3 children who live on futuristic Earth. Humans were once attacked by aliens called buggers and although that was 80 years before this novel takes place, the world isn't about to let that happen again. Worldwide searches are conducted to find the most intelligent children and raise them to be future fighters in case of another war with the buggers. Although population laws are in effect (2 children per family), some families whose children were accepted or considered for the military were asked to have more children. So Ender is a "third," an undesired child whose sole purpose for being alive was to join the military school and hopefully become a great military leader.

Sure enough, Ender is accepted into the school at the age of 6. He leaves his mom and dad (who live in NC!), his cruel older brother, Peter, and his gentle, loving older sister, Valentine. Once at school he becomes involved in several games, of which only a few are official. He has to maneuver the politics of the other students, fend for himself against bigger and tougher kids, and hold his own against the teachers at the school. He also plays video games on the computer and plays the war games that the teachers organize amongst the students.

We follow Ender until he is 12 years old as he excels at all of the games. There's also a side story that concentrates on Ender's siblings, Peter and Valentine, as they grow up and create their own game.

This is one of my favorite books even though I typically don't love books with young boys as the main characters. There isn't enough romance. ;-) However, I couldn't help but love Ender both times I read the book. He's a strong character is many ways, but my favorite thing about him is his empathy and open mindedness. Another thing I like about this book is that it is a good read for guys as well as ladies. My brother has read this twice and my husband will be reading it when he finishes the series he is currently reading.

It's hard to classify this for a recommendation. It's a very well written book so I think it appeals to a wide variety of readers. I definitely think fans of the sci-fi genre will enjoy this. I think it's a good one for guys to read (guys that aren't big readers too). Young adults will also enjoy it, however, there is some language, name calling, and violent descriptions. Nothing too over the top, but perhaps not appropriate for all young readers.

Have you reviewed this? Let me know and I'd be happy to post yours as well.
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Nymeth said...

I really enjoyed this though, though at first glance I didn't think it'd be my sort of thing!

Andrea said...

Yeah from the cover and even the description it doesn't seem like a book I'd be interested in either! My mom recommended it to me years ago, that's when I first read it.

Shelley said...

This is such a unique book--it's like a teenage-boy book that all ages seem to like!

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