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My reading time has been limited the past few weeks because I've started my own graphic design business. I design blog/Etsy banners, invitation/announcement designs, greeting card designs, business card designs, etc. I can create all sorts of graphics for webpages and postcard/notecard designs. I accept custom orders or you can buy one of my premade graphics!

Here's my webpage: http://octoberbutterfly.etsy.com
I also have a blog: http://octoberbutterflydesigns.blogspot.com

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Nymeth said...

Good luck with your store, Andrea! Your designs are just gorgeous, so I have no doubt it will be successful :)

Andi said...

Your blog is gorgeous, so I can already say I'm a fan of your work!

Andrea said...

Nymeth, thank you! So far things are going good :-)

Andi, I wish I could take credit for the blog design! All I did was search for weeks until I stumbled upon this template. The coding for Blogger templates still baffles me so I don't see myself attempting to do anything like that in the near future!

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